Indigent For Cost JAC Defense Investigation

While all criminal cases do not demand the services of an experienced investigator, in the ones that do, the investigator is truly one of the most important members of the defense team. The investigator has several unique, but equally important functions in planning an effective defense to the government’s charges. One of the primary things that the investigator must do is to verify and validate the investigation conducted by law enforcement officers and agencies. Too frequently police identify a suspect and then attempt to construct a prosecutable case against that person. By doing this, they often slant information or cast information in the light most damaging to the defendant disregarding other potential suspects. A criminal defense investigator will review the law enforcement investigation and re-interview witnesses to discover changes in their stories and to develop new and independent leads. Looking for new and unidentified witnesses is just as crucial in preparing the defense case. These new witnesses typically provide information that contradicts the “facts” upon which the prosecution is basing their case.