Pre-Litigation Asset & Liability Investigation

This service is designed to assist you in determining the financial situation of a debtor before initiating legal action against them.

When we begin our investigation we can contact the debtor and advise them that we are conducting a pre-litigation assets and liability investigation to locate all liquidable assets, this will usually illicit an immediate response from the debtor to call you in a panic. In addition to calling the debtor we can also have a private investigator go to the debtor location overtly or covertly to inventory (obtain pictures or video) assets.

A Pre-Litigation Asset & Liability Investigation includes searches for the following:

  • Ficitious business names/assumed names
  • Bankruptcy filings (Statewide)
  • Uniform Commercial Code filings (County)
  • Judgments and Tax Liens (Federal, State & County)
  • Pending civil cases
  • Property Assessment records (County)
  • Secretary of State records (corporate status, officers and statutory agent information)
  • Motor Vehicle registrations
  • Watercraft registrations
  • Property Assessment records in surrounding counties