Florida Private Investigator

Southland Detective Agency LLC is a qualified, full-service licensed Florida private investigator company providing meticulous professional investigations and consulting. Our client’s goal is the utmost important duty. We investigate diligently to provide our clients with the facts, uncover reasonable doubt, establish credibility or the lack thereof, furnish evidence, testify in court, locate persons, and at all times hold all cases in confidentiality coupled with anonymity.

Our clients have peace of mind because they have entrusted their case to one of Florida’s premier private detective agency.

Covert Surveillance Operations

Southland Detective Agency LLC private investigators have experience performing covert surveillance operations for many types of clients and situations. Our covert surveillance operations, our private investigator can collect video and photographic evidence and provide detailed reports for any covert surveillance operation. This evidence will provide you with the answers and proof that you need. Our surveillance records and video footage can be used as evidence in domestic, civil, or criminal hearings and litigation.

If you would like to learn more about working with our private investigator for covert surveillance services, please contact our private investigator today. Our experienced private investigators will provide you with the hard evidence and proof that you would expect from any covert surveillance operation.

When You Need To Know!

This includes:
  • Child Custody and Visitation Surveillance: We can perform a variety of types of covert surveillance operations that are related to child custody and visitation issues. This includes offering surveillance services during which our private investigator secretly surveys a parent and child while the child is in that parents custody. Our private investigator will document what happens while the child is with the parent and where the parent takes the child. The evidence that our private investigators obtain during covert surveillance can be used as evidence in child custody hearings and litigation.
  • Divorce Surveillance: If you suspect that your spouse is cheating during your divorce, a private investigator can conduct covert surveillance in order to catch your cheating spouse. The records and hard evidence that we obtain through covert surveillance operations can be used when negotiating your divorce settlement, child custody, child support, alimony, and property settlement.
  • Elder Abuse Surveillance: Elder abuse is the neglect or intentional harm of an elderly patient by a caregiver. Our private investigators can set up covert surveillance to investigate suspected elder abuse in nursing homes and home care situations. We can also perform care provider background investigations and investigate family abuse and neglect, financial fraud and abuse, medical fraud and abuse, negligent abuse, and identity theft of elderly individuals. Florida's retirement community has grown significantly and the abused have fallen prey to under-staffed facilities, predators, and deficient background checks
  • Workers Compensation Fraud Surveillance: Workers compensation fraud should be a main concern for any business. Whether it is falsifying the circumstances surrounding an accident or exaggerating the extent of injuries, workers compensation fraud cost businesses significant amounts of money. Our private investigators are experienced at investigating workers compensation fraud and can determine the truth in any case.
  • Internal Theft / Business Surveillance: Internal theft and employee fraud can be harmful to any business. Whether you suspect employees of stealing money or company assets, our private investigators can set up covert surveillance operations to help you catch employees in the act, locate stolen assets, and prevent future theft from your business. In addition to our covert surveillance services, our private investigators also offer a variety of other business investigation services for businesses and companies.
  • Criminal & Civil Surveillance: Our private investigators can perform a variety of criminal and civil surveillance services for attorneys in Florida. From performing covert surveillance to catch someone in a lie to discovering evidence that incriminates an individual, our covert surveillance services can help build and collect evidence for any civil lawsuit or criminal litigation. Our private investigators also offer a variety of additional attorney services for both criminal and civil cases.