Florida Private Investigator

Southland Detective Agency LLC is a qualified, full-service licensed Florida private investigator company providing meticulous professional investigations and consulting. Our client’s goal is the utmost important duty. We investigate diligently to provide our clients with the facts, uncover reasonable doubt, establish credibility or the lack thereof, furnish evidence, testify in court, locate persons, and at all times hold all cases in confidentiality coupled with anonymity.

Our clients have peace of mind because they have entrusted their case to one of Florida’s premier private detective agency.

Insurance Investigation

Personal injury lawsuit, Worker’s Compensation, an automotive liability claim, or casualty insurance claim, insurance fraud has become one of the most lucrative types of fraud in the United States. Most insurers know it’s difficult to manage ongoing claims in a cost-effective manner, which is why many of these cases go undetected or not prosecuted.

Insurance investigations are performed through surveillance, asset searches, personnel interviews/interrogation, or all of the above. As experts in our field, Southland Detective Agency will be your company’s best ally in reducing risk and prosecuting suspected insurance fraud.

Our private detectives are trained to utilize multiple techniques that will be employed to catch the malingerer’s and allow the adjuster to close the file. Not all claims are erroneous, but many are and we have a proven track record that will allow your company to benefit from our expertise.

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