Florida Private Investigator

Southland Detective Agency LLC is a qualified, full-service licensed Florida private investigator company providing meticulous professional investigations and consulting. Our client’s goal is the utmost important duty. We investigate diligently to provide our clients with the facts, uncover reasonable doubt, establish credibility or the lack thereof, furnish evidence, testify in court, locate persons, and at all times hold all cases in confidentiality coupled with anonymity.

Our clients have peace of mind because they have entrusted their case to one of Florida’s premier private detective agency.

Pre-Litigation Asset & Liability Investigation

This service is designed to assist you in determining the financial situation of a debtor before initiating legal action against them.

When we begin our investigation we can contact the debtor and advise them that we are conducting a pre-litigation assets and liability investigation to locate all liquidable assets, this will usually illicit an immediate response from the debtor to call you in a panic. In addition to calling the debtor we can also have a private investigator go to the debtor location overtly or covertly to inventory (obtain pictures or video) assets.

A Pre-Litigation Asset & Liability Investigation includes searches for the following:

Ficitious business names/assumed names
Bankruptcy filings (Statewide)
Uniform Commercial Code filings (County)
Judgments and Tax Liens (Federal, State & County)
Pending civil cases
Property Assessment records (County)
Secretary of State records (corporate status, officers and statutory agent information)
Motor Vehicle registrations
Watercraft registrations
Property Assessment records in surrounding counties