Florida Private Investigator

Southland Detective Agency LLC is a qualified, full-service licensed Florida private investigator company providing meticulous professional investigations and consulting. Our client’s goal is the utmost important duty. We investigate diligently to provide our clients with the facts, uncover reasonable doubt, establish credibility or the lack thereof, furnish evidence, testify in court, locate persons, and at all times hold all cases in confidentiality coupled with anonymity.

Our clients have peace of mind because they have entrusted their case to one of Florida’s premier private detective agency.

Workman's Compensation Claims Investigation

Southland Detective Agency LLC handles Florida Workers Comp Surveillance cases. Workman compensation claims investigations handled by Southland Detective Agency range from self-insured, corporate, and government clients. Our superior results have earned us a superb reputation throughout our extensive client base. Surveillance assignments are initiated within 24 hours or, oftentimes, within hours notice.

Employers and insurance companies routinely rely on us to obtain video surveillance of employees. We also interview and take statements from co- workers or other company personnel, to prove workers comp fraud for future civil or criminal litigation.

To establish a workers compensation claim is invalid or fraudulent, our detectives use a variety of industry standard investigative techniques and methods. Video surveillance is the most common and court relied on evidence that can be devastating to the claimant’s case. A detective will follow,observe, and videotape the claimant and obtain video evidence disproving their claim, or prove the claimant has exaggerated their injury.

Once evidence is gathered and our investigative report completed, it’s up to the business, claims examiner and/or attorneys involved to bring the claim to resolution or consider it for criminal penalties should the evidence exhibit elements of fraud. Our investigators are often called to testify in court on behalf of our clients.