Criminal Defense Investigation

Criminal defense investigation is one of the most important elements of successful criminal defense. Having an experienced criminal defense investigator on your defense team immediately is imperative.¬†As we all know over time witnesses forget things and change their story over time or forget what happened. Witnesses memory fade or become clouded over time. Some witnesses move or didn’t come forward for one reason or another. Another aspect a criminal defense investigator offers is the ability to provide a “fresh set of eyes” or another perspective on the case.

Following the defendant being arrested or charged with a crime, the government uses unlimited investigative resources to pursue and prosecute the defendant. The prosecution has the “pocketbook” of the State to spend on expert witnesses and other resources. The average person does not have an unlimited supply of defense cash. Begging and borrowing is often the situation people find themselves in after being arrested.

When discovery documents are received from the DA’s the defense counsel is truly assigned with re-investigating the police investigation to ensure it was done legally, thoroughly and fairly. That task in and of itself can often be an overwhelming challenge and should not be pursued without an experienced investigator. After all, attorneys are trained in law and court procedure, not to investigate. Not only reviewing the arrest is important but the criminal defense investigator will most likely uncover evidence often overlooked or shuffled away by the police and prosecutor.

Have you been arrested and appointed a public defender? We are a Florida JAC vendor providing criminal defense investigations for indigent defendants.

If you want a fighting chance to clear your name and the ability to provide the best defense possible, contact us immediately! I will not try to convince you that you need a criminal defense investigator, common sense should!