Domestic Investigation Issues

Florida domestic investigations have to do with people and personal complications . Domestic investigations mainly involve things like cheating spouses/significant others and child custody issues.

Some common domestic investigation services performed are :

  • Florida divorce investigation. In many cases, child custody comes to play during divorce investigations, we have years of child custody investigation services, catered to help you.
  • Florida infidelity investigation. If you suspect that your significant other is not faithful, Southland Detective Agency can help you discover the truth that captures the evidence on video.
  • Florida domestic surveillance. By documenting things, such as someone coming to the house, or following your partner to a rendezvous with another person; Domestic Surveillance might help ensure that everyone who is allowed into your home and around your family is reputable.
  • Florida Background checks. Background checks are a significant part of domestic investigator work because they can expose whether those you trust truly deserve your confidence.
  • Florida Personal investigations. Whomever you need to investigate in order to remain safe and secure, a professional investigator will help you.