Evidence Investigator

evidenceWe are professional licensed private investigators working various types of investigations. One particular aspect that is inherent to our work is gathering evidence. Whether we are performing background checks or conducting surveillance the natural aspects to these types of investigations is gathering evidence. It is especially evident that the natural course of our duties is gathering evidence is when we perform criminal defense investigations. Evidence sometimes comes in the form of actual physical evidence, new witness discovery, past criminal convictions and criminal history, as well as activity recorded by video or taken in photographs. Sometimes people victim of harassment need to gather evidence of the crime. We attempt to collect as much evidence as possible so that local law enforcement can pursue criminal charges. The nature of a private investigator is collecting evidence, it’s just the circumstances are different.

Evidence is gathered electronically through computer forensic techniques, recovering pictures or emails or deleted files. Android phone and iPhone are a new source of evidence gathering. There are limitations to gathering electronic evidence, nothing is like in the movies when shown in a matter of seconds. There are hardware limitations to software limitation, and carrier limitations. However, every reasonable effort is made to recover evidence whatever situation arises. Contact an evidence investigator now to discuss your needs.