Infidelity Investigation

Infidelity cases are generally handled by private investigators in one of two ways depending if you are going to court or if it’s just for your own peace of mind. About 60 percent of men and 40 percent of women will have an affair at some point in their marriage. Most cheaters display signs of infidelity they aren’t even aware of, and wouldn’t even think to cover up.

Southland Detective Agency documents the activities of people through the use of photograph and video surveillance. Our investigators will follow your husband or wife or significant other to capture evidence of their cheating. Cheating spouses are usually so caught up in their affair they do not think twice to cover their tracks. And the careful ones also slip up. Our professional infidelity investigators have caught numerous cheaters red handed on video.

Studies suggest that around 30% to 40% of dating relationships and 40% to 60% of marriages are tainted by at least one incident of sexual infidelity. Men are more likely than women to have a sexual affair, regardless of whether or not they are in a married or dating relationship.

Infidelity is a violation of the mutually agreed-upon rules or boundaries of an intimate relationship, which constitutes a significant breach of faith or a betrayal of core shared values with which the integrity of the relationship is defined.

Infidelity Catch A Cheating Spouse

Restore your peace of mind contact us now and speak with an infidelity investigator in confidentiality. You will have a free consultation with our professional staff to determine our strategy on how to catch a cheater. Sometimes our investigations have outcomes of someone not cheating, but going through a difficult time so that their behavior changes beyond their norm. As a general observation when someone thinks their partner is cheating they are usually right.