Litigation Support

litigation supportLitigation support encompasses a broad range of services from our licensed private detective agency. Civil litigation and criminal defense require fact finding assistance. As an attorney the demand of time is heavily placed on legal research and court procedure, leaving little time if any for fact finding. Paralegals are not qualified for investigative tasks, they are for assisting counsel in preparing paperwork, legal research, and functioning in the office. Southland Detective Agency has licensed private investigators investigating the facts, locating witnesses and statements, performing background checks, locating assets, examining crime scenes or crash sites.

Our professional investigative services assist you in understanding and presenting facts of the case. Knowing what facts are present, adverse or advantageous, we investigate and report all facts. Our unbiased approach is favored among top lawyers because the facts are critical, uncovering and presenting discrepancies or truths from an impartial position displays character of effective counsel.

Civil litigation and criminal defense litigation both have very different outcomes but the consequences of losing either can be as devastating as a life sentence.

Civil Litigation Support or Criminal Defense Investigation Support