Locate Witnesses

witness locateOur licensed private investigators specialize in locating defendants and witnesses for attorneys nationwide. Our locate services are easy to order, provide expert skip tracing services designed to locate your subject accurately and fast. All investigations are conducted by licensed investigators. All cases are completed within the time constraints and budget of the client.

As licensed private investigators who are continuously working for attorneys, each private investigator at Southland Detective Agency LLC that belongs to our skip tracing and locate department is well versed in the methods and art of locating people like witnesses and individuals who need to be found. Not one private detective can claim to locate 100% of the people they are asked to, we have a high percentage of successful locates for attorneys from all over the country.


Witness Interviews and Statements – As a professional private investigation agency, our primary function is to gather evidence and facts. Statements are taken in many forms, Affidavits, handwritten statements by the witness, statements written by the investigator and recorded statements. The purpose of obtaining a statement from a witness is to ascertain an understanding of an incident or event from an unbiased third party. Witness statements can be useful in developing an understanding of the incident or event. The investigator will canvass the area and take photographs of the incident location and or recovery location to complete the process of giving our client the best understanding possible of the “whole picture” of what took place.